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In order to understand ourselves, the societies in which we live, and the developments and challenges which have shaped our current world, it is essential to know and understand human history. EP History has hundreds of engaging lessons, literacy activities and assessments to support historical knowledge acquisition, develop understanding and awareness, and teach historical inquiry and skills. The EP Year 7 to Year 10 History Curriculum resources align to the Australian History curriculum.

The study of History has its own methods, processes and essential skills necessary to acquire historical knowledge and follow the historical inquiry process. The study of history is based on interpreting evidence from the past, thinking about what it tells us about the past, present and future, and debating it. This process of acquiring historical knowledge and the skills necessary for historical inquiry are built into the Australian Curriculum and are the foundation of each EP History resource. The EP History smart lessons are organised into two related strands: historical knowledge and understanding and historical inquiry and skills.

The EP History skills smart lessons develop transferable skills and historical understanding, such as; critical thinking, the ability to ask historically-relevant questions, interpret sources of information, consider multiple perspectives, interpretations and contexts, performing effective research and analysis, understanding chronological terms and concepts, understanding case and effect, empathy and contestability, and to explain and communicate in different ways.

The EP History knowledge lessons develop knowledge, understanding and comprehension of specific periods in human history, including; The Ancient World and Ancient Civilisations (including Ancient China, Egypt, Greece, Rome, India), The Ancient to Modern World (including Ottoman, Khmer empires, Shogunate Japan, the Vikings, the renaissance, the medieval world and specific medieval societies), Making the Modern World (including the industrial revolution, movement of people, ideas and movements and World War I), and The Modern World (including World War II, the environment movement, rights and freedoms and popular culture). Encourage students to be active citizens and lifelong learners by prompting their knowledge and understanding of our past to inform the present and the future by using our EP History resources.

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