Year 5 Maths

EP Maths provides an interactive and engaging resource to help students become proficient in maths at a Year 5 level. EP Maths is fully curriculum aligned with thousands of smart lessons designed to meet students where they are at and provide learning pathways.

Year 5 Maths Overview

EP smart lessons help students build their confidence with new skills and grow their problem solving strategies. The Year 5 Maths content comprehensively covers key strands of maths; Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Statistics. EP smart lessons deliver a full learning experience with virtually unlimited practice.

EP Year 5 Maths questions are also structured in a variety of different styles ranging from multi-choice, number only, line by line working and scratchpad diagrams, to extended answer sections, all of which are designed to allow students to learn through different approaches and allow for a range of expression. EP handwriting recognition on tablets or iPads also gives students an intuitive input option that reinforces good habits around showing working. A large portion of the Year 5 Maths smart lesson questions are also automatically marked therefore providing students with the invaluable feature of immediate feedback.

For Teachers

EP Year 5 Maths provides teachers with a valuable and comprehensive online learning package that can be used in many ways. The EP smart lesson platform is effective when used in a classroom setting or as a homework tool and can also help to facilitate a flipped or blended learning environment. EP Maths gives students a range of question types to hone their skills and extend their thinking. EP smart lessons have a range of assessment resources that make it easy for teachers to diagnose the level of their students and automate the process around the next steps required on an individual basis. EP Maths engages students and provides rich insights for teachers, facilitating a personalised learning approach and reduces admin load benefitting both teachers and students.

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Why Use EP for Year 5 Maths?

EP is adjustable for every style of teaching. It’s built to enhance your ability as a teacher and offer your students both structured and flexible methods of learning. The platform allows you to adapt for individual strengths and weaknesses so every learner feels supported.

You can:
Create your own courses
Follow our pre built outlines
Engage your learner with our interest led functionality
Real time 24/7 tracking of student progress

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