Our task & assessment capabilities deliver rich insights, allowing teachers to easily monitor & track student growth.

Formative & summative assessments made easy

Powerful assessment capabilities

While formative assessments are one of the most powerful tools in a teacher’s toolkit, they can be time consuming to put into practice. EP makes it easy to set pre and post-tests for all our subjects.

Growth mapping

Easily set assessments and monitor growth against specific curriculum learning outcomes.

Intuitive and actionable insights

All our assessment data is presented in visual and user-friendly dashboards.

Instant feedback & automated marking

Save time and offer students instant feedback on their assessment results with our automated marking and instant feedback.

Proven results

Our formative assessment cycle has proven to double learning growth and have a significant impact on exam results.

A recent study indicated that highly engaged EP schools scored up to 6.7% higher in NAPLAN results than schools not using EP.

Leading capabilities for Primary & Secondary

For Primary

While our assessment features are available for Primary, EP offers an additional assessment product, Essential Assessment which is specifically tailored to meet the unique assessment needs of Australian primary school educators.

For Secondary

EPs formative and summative assessment capabilities are optimised for Secondary school students and educators, and are available with all our subjects & curriculums.