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Baradene College uses Education Perfect to improve teacher and student experiences

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Alex Russell, Director of Teaching and Learning, streamlined Baradene College’s use of Education Perfect to create a single powerful digital ecosystem to deliver curriculum content and assess and inform learning, across Years 7 -12.

Baradene College of the Sacred Heart is a Catholic Girls School, situated in Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand, teaching girls from Years 7-13. There are currently 1350 students on the roll, including approximately 50 international students and a teaching staff of over 75.

Every Baradene College student from Year 7-13 has access to the Education Perfect Suite. EP, a comprehensive digital toolkit, contains learning, assessment and analytics features across a range of global subjects and curriculums. For more information on the platform’s resources, explore the company’s homepage.


Baradene College

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New Zealand

The Challenge

Alex Russell realised that Education Perfect (EP) could be used more extensively throughout the College.

“Education Perfect was unlike other digital providers. We could see the potential of Education Perfect in terms of delivering content aligned to the curriculum, and flexible enough for us to upload other content as required, particularly practice exams.”

The Solution

Alex worked with the Head of Faculties to see EP embedded across the College.

Alex relied on the EP team to support the consolidation. “The EP team were excellent to deal with, and still are, always responding in a timely manner. The EP specialists worked with each faculty to ensure that they were making the most of the package.”

“It was an easy sell, to be honest. It is straightforward to use, the content is high quality, and it meets the needs of our teaching and learning curricula. To put it simply, it allows us to deliver the curriculum. Our Year 7-10 History teachers were impressed by the Aotearoa New Zealand resources; our Science and Social Studies teachers could see the potential for pre- and post-testing; and all of our core subject areas were impressed that we could use it for our internal and practice exams.”

The Impact

Now fully embedded across Baradene College, EP’s pedagogical benefits are able to holistically support the school.

“Teachers appreciated the ease with which they could differentiate learning and the high levels of student engagement. They also found the platform to be a very robust assessment tool and appreciated the ability to easily monitor students online during exams.”

From an operational perspective, the decision to roll out EP across the College meant that Alex could be responsible for the rollout across the school instead of Heads of Faculty.

“It made absolute sense to sign up for the whole suite, rather than individual departments making their own arrangements. By centralising procurement and opting for a cross-college solution, EP is good value.”

Due to EP’s success at the College, particularly around EP’s internal upload and practice exam features, Alex has recently embedded EP into Year 13. “We can use it for formal and informal testing so it meets the needs of the whole College.”


Baradene College has effectively rolled out Education Perfect across Years 7-13, consolidating the use of digital tools into a single ecosystem that meets the needs of every faculty, both in terms of content, formal and informal testing, and reporting.


Mar 13, 2024


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