Education Perfect is proven to improve student learning

Set each student up for optimal growth this year

Assess students. Monitor growth. Remedy in real-time.

With Term 1 kicking off across schools, now is the perfect time to utilise and leverage student data.

Learning growth doubles when students are assigned individual steps through EP, as empirically determined by analysing over 40,000 pre- and post-tests completed between January 2019 and May 2020.

EP empowers teachers with adaptable assessments and provides real-time feedback on student progress. As a result, teachers are able to spend less time on tedious admin tasks and more time on improving student outcomes.

Assess: Easily identify individual needs

Diagnostic testing and formative assessments are no longer cumbersome in the classroom. EP enables teachers to easily identify individual student learning needs.

Monitor: Instantly act on insights

Spreadsheets have become obsolete with the availability of EP’s in-depth data dashboard. Our teachers have the ability to act on insights and compare student growth in real-time.

Remedy: Scaled solutions

EP enables teachers to identify student gaps and immediately generate personalised learning pathways.

“I could see straight away that EP absolutely aligned with the New Zealand English curriculum and would assist us to identify, cover off, and assess a number of language devices each term, as a team.”

– Rod Deverson, Deputy Head of English
South Otago High School

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